JP Morgan Commercial Card Online Account

The JP Morgan Commercial Card Paymentnet web portal allows authorized company officials online access to their company commercial account.  The site provides users with the convenience to view all of their commercial account activity and transactions in real-time with a host of features combining data integration and program management .  Paymentnet is a smart effective way to track spending, reduce paperwork, and organize data which in the end improves efficiency.

To access your commercial account users will need to input their Organization ID, User ID, and Password.  First Time users can utilize the onsite help resource links to get instruction on how to properly setup their account.  For other users who have simply forgotten their login information they can refer to the self-help links for forgotten passwords or Organization ID.

Once logged in to the system users can perform a number of functions to better organize, account for, and arrange the commercial account activity shown.  As transactions are loaded proper accounting can begin to take place in reference to account numbers, employee names, hierarchy, merchant name, customer code, and more.

Users can make manual edits in Paymentnet when necessary or further break down transactions and codes for indepth accounting.  When there are transactions that need approving notifications can be sent out to management to approve or modify transactions.

When it comes to reporting Paymentnet offers users over 70 different types of reports that can be selected from in their Reporting section.  Users can organize data for topics such as charge off, declines, airline spending analysis by carrier, 1099, vendor analysis, and more.  Other reporting options available are flexible data queries and custom fields reports to specify and target certain data.  Reports can be run on a weekly, monthly, custom, or on-demand basis.

With all the tools available for Paymentnet users companies can monitor all of their spending habits and better enforce spending policies as a result of the data that is collected.



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