JTV Jewelry Television Bill Me Later Program

A great new feature for Jewelry Television shoppers is the Bill Me Later Program that is currently being offered.  The program always shoppers the option to expedite their orders without having to use their credit card or enter their credit card number every time.  At the checkout they can simply use the Bill Me Later option which only takes a few minutes to setup and once approved they can choose to pay for their purchases in monthly payments or all at once.

Signing up for Bill Me Later is an easy process that you will initiate during checkout.  You will select the Bill Me Later option and provide your date of birth, last 4 digits of your social security number, thoroughly read/accept terms, and wait a few seconds for the approval process.  It only takes a few seconds to find out if you’ve been approved and if you are your starting available credit line will be at least $250.  The condition of your credit history determines the line of credit you will be extended.

Some key points to consider when using Bill Me Later are the Annual Percentage Rate on purchases is 19.99% and the minimum interest charge is $2.00.  In the event you miss a payment due date you will be assessed a late payment fee of $25 for your first offense and $35 for subsequent late pays.  There are no annual fees associated with this service and you are protected from unauthorized charges through their Zero Fraud Liability protection program.

With the Bill Me Later program your shopping options on Jewelry Television have just improved allowing you the flexibility to pay for purchases all at once or over time.  It is a convenient option that streamlines purchases making it faster and easier.  To get started with these services please visit the link HERE.



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