Kreg Do It Yourself Project Kit

The Kreg Do It Yourself Project Kit is a perfect way for anyone who has creative ideas for home improvement projects to get started.  There is no need to hire a professional to build your ideas but instead you can use all the tools and project guides found in the Kreg DIY Kit.  With everything assembled in the kit you are fully prepared to start and finish any home project.

Each Kreg DIY Kit has been carefully thought out to include all the essentials you will need to make crafting your project as easy as possible.  There aren’t many tools you’ll need aside from everything that is already included in the kit.  Most of the tools that are needed which are not included in the kit you should already own.

Included in each kit is the Kreg Jig R3 (already has installed the jig itself, clamp pad adapter, stepped drill bit, 6 inch driver bit, depth collar, Allen wrench, starter Kreg pocket-hole screw set, starter Kreg pocket-hole plug set, and Kreg Jig R3 User Guide.  All of these components are organized in a compact carrying case.  Other items found in the DIY Kit are the Kreg Rip-Cut with user guide and the Kreg Shelf Pin Jig with Shelf Pin Jig (a locating pin, jig extender, ¼ drill bit, depth collar, Allen wrench, four ¼ shelf pins, and a Shelf Pin Jig User Guide.

As a bonus gift 10 project plans are included with each order showing users how to create custom built furniture.  Those 10 plans are an Entryway Organizer, Garage Storage System, Compact Bookcase, Coffee Table, Compact Desk, Closet Organizer, Farmhouse Table, Rolling Kitchen Cart, Display Shelf, and Console Table.  Most homes can use these various designs so you can choose one or more of these designs to see how effective the Kreg system is.

The entire kit is available online for 3 payments of $33.33 per month or 1 payment of $99.99 at  There is also a 90 day money back guarantee to return the kit if you’re not satisfied.  All steel drill guides on the Kreg Jig R3 and Shelf Pin Jig are backed by a lifetime guarantee.

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