Lasik Special Offer Starting at $250

If you’ve worn eyeglasses and contacts for a long time and want to totally eliminate them from your life consider Lasik surgery.  Many people have avoided having the surgery because of the potentially high cost of surgery per eye but currently LasikPlus is offering Lasik procedures beginning at $250 per eye through their network of providers.  Their network can connect you with a reputable local provider within minutes through their online website.

The first step you should take before considering Lasik is to know if you qualify for the procedure.  Most people who are approved for the surgery have a problem with nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.  To assist customers with learning more about Lasik and if it is appropriate for them there is a short online quiz available at for customers to take which will give them a better idea if they qualify.  The quiz basically asks your age group, what type of corrective visionwear you’re wearing now, how is your vision without corrective visionwear, etc.

At the end of the quiz if you qualify for the procedure you will receive acknowledgement from the site with a recommendation of the nearest procedure in your area to visit.  From the site you can book a consultation with the provider.  Customers with health insurance can check to see if it covers Lasik while others can basically pay out of pocket or opt for available financing.

For a limited time LasikPlus Lasik procedures are starting at $250 per eye in select locations but typically procedures range from $2,000 to $4,500.  Ask your Lasik provider about the limited time offer and if available take advantage of it today.

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