Login Access for Ultipro Payroll Self-Service

Company employees assigned to Ultipro Self-Service for their payroll service can utilize the online website to access their pay stubs anytime of the day 365 days a year.  Employees don’t have to rely on their supervisor or HR department to verify their hours or payroll information but instead can login to the online self-service system and retrieve all of that information themselves.  All of the data stored online is up to date and allows users to monitor their own pay stub info.

Employees can login to their payroll file at https://ew14.ultipro.com.  The site requires a username and password to access and retrieve a users payroll information.  If this is a person’s first time logging in to the site temporary login information is used such as the username being the person’s first initial of their first name and last name.  The password will default to the person’s date of birth in the following format MM/DD/YYYY.  

After logging in for the very first time you will have the opportunity to change your password and setup two challenge questions.  There will be a list of challenge questions to choose from so you can simply select 3 questions that will be easy for you to remember the answer in the event you are required to answer those questions in the future.  

Once logged into your account you will be able to view all of your current and past payroll data.  Current and past pay stub information is available for viewing including your weekly, monthly, and year to date totals.  Employees can also stay on top of any changes in their salary by seeing if they are reflected inside their account.  

Tax and deduction info is easily viewable for employees.  Employees can add or subtract certain deductions based on the restrictions set inside their account.  Making direct deposit edits is another feature available as employees can manually change their banking information which includes account/routing numbers.

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