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Company employees can login to the myPayroll Employee Self Service portal to view their pay stub and payroll data for the current pay cycle or previous pay cycles.  myPayroll ESS is available for employees to login 24 hours a day 7 days a week to view their pay information as well as tax reports, benefits info, download reports, and make some edits to their payroll file.  The site is secure requiring users to enter their login credentials (User Code and Password) to gain entrance.  Through the site employees will be able to monitor their paycheck information from their home computer or on the go with their mobile devices/smartphones.

The employee self service portal is located at (https://mypayroll.paysquare.com/) and employees will need to get their login information from their HR/Payroll departement so they can begin logging in to their account.  Once you have your user code and password you can easily login to the site where it houses your hours worked, overtime hours, salary, payroll deductions, basic benefits information, and more payroll data for your review.  

myPayroll is very helpful for employees especially when they have a question or issue concerning their pay the first place they can turn is the ESS site to see if they can resolve the issue on their on.  This process eliminates the need for them to depend on HR as much and with all their payroll data easily accessible they can resolve their own issues.  Employees have a lot of control over their online file but when changes are made the HR/Payroll department still has to approve those changes.

During the tax preparation season employees can depend on the ESS site to download their W-2 information.  Normally employees wait for W-2’s to be sent out in the mail but through myPayroll they will be able to download them when they become available from inside their online payroll account.  This is a convenience for workers as well as for the company saving both parties time and money in the end.  

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