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AccessOne MedCard program patients can access and manage their account information and make online payments at  The AccessOne Cardholder Services web portal allows users to view their hospital bills in detail and make payments via electronic draft from their personal bank account (checking or savings).  The site is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for cardholders to login check their account info.

AccessOne MedCard

The AccessOne MedCard program is a hospital sponsored affordable payment program in connection with AccessOne MedCard Inc.  The program is designed for patients or guarantors who need assistance paying their hospital bills while providing for them a payment extension that is affordable in which patients can sustain.  This program is a solution for many patients who after receiving a hospital bill can utilize the assistance available to develop a plan to payoff their debt in an affordable and timely fashion.

There are no prerequisites to being approved for the AccessOne program as all patients are accepted into the program irrespective of their credit history.  It offers patients 12 months of interest free payments for those that can foresee paying off their debt within a 12 month period.  Other options available for patients of different needs are if your payments are still too high after considering the 12 month payment option there is a low variable interest rate (prime plus 6%) that is offered.  This payment term extends beyond the 12 month period.

Some of the benefits of using the program are patients with multiple hospital accounts or family members that have accounts can utilize their AccessOne MedCard account and combine the bills into one account and payment program.  There are also no annual membership fees to participate in the program and if you desire to payoff your balance before your terms are up there is no prepayment penalty.  

AccessOne MedCard Login

New AccessOne cardholders signing up for the online service will need to activate their card.  Cards can be activated by visiting the AccessOne MedCard Login and selecting “Activate” on the homepage.  The next step is to enter your Priority Number (located on the top right corner of the letter you received), last name, date of birth, email address, and create a password.  Select “Activate” and you will have immediate access to your account to setup.

Through the online service patients will be able to login to their account and view their account information anytime.  There are account features that users will find essential such as payment reminders, email and text notifications, automatic payments, and an easy to use interface.  The automatic payment feature will require users to setup their personal bank account information for electronic debiting.

Paperless Statements is also a convenience for users who don’t want to rely on or receive paper statements in the mail anymore.  You can instead sign up for paperless statements which are electronic statements that are posted when they are available in the Statements tab of your online account.  When the statements are ready you will receive an email notification.  There are a number of features patients will enjoy with their account at so get started using it today to make managing your patient account a little easier.

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