Login to Benedetails Online Benefit Administration System

The Benedetails Online Benefit Administration System is a self-service web portal for employees to access and manage their company benefits information.  Through the use of a portal ID, Employee ID number, and password employees can login to their benefits account and review all of their health insurance plans including signing up for Open Enrollment.  All of their healthcare information including plan documents, carrier websites, pertinent contact information, forms to download, FAQ section, and more is available for employees online 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Once logged in www.benedetails.com employees can navigate the site by exploring tabs My Benefits, Using My Benefits, or Start Enrollment.  The My Benefits tab has all of your plan documents available for review.  You can easily discover your plan coverage details and research the answer to any question you may have.  Benedetails was designed for employees to always have access to their benefit information and to give them more control over their plan selections.

During the annual Open Enrollment period everything employee’s need to make changes or verify their plan coverage is available inside Benedetails.  Any new changes for the new benefit year can be reviewed in the My Benefits or Using My Benefits sections then implemented under the Start Enrollment section.  During the enrollment process employees will be asked questions which should be thoroughly understood before continuing on with plan selections.  At the end of the enrollment process there will be a Pre-Confirmation page to review all of the selections made.  The last step is to click Finish and your changes will go into effect.

Benedetails provides employees with around the clock access to their benefit information which creates less dependence on the company HR department to answer questions and manage employee information on a daily basis.  All information about benefits can be accessed and reviewed individually by each employee online.

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