Login to Excella Visa Prepaid Debit Card Account

Cardholders of the Excella Visa Prepaid Debit Card can access and monitor their account online at the Excella login portal.  Users will need to enter their User ID Number/Card Account Number and their Password to logon to their account.  Users who have not created their login credentials but would like to utilize the online services should begin with the First Time Login link which will setup their account online.  First time users will need to enter their 16 digit card number during the registration process.

Accessing your account online is a convenience for many customers as they can login 24 hours a day 7 days a week to check their account balance, view their transaction history, update their personal profile information, take advantage of additional features, transfer funds, etc.  All of your account information is in real time including any transactions that you’ve recently made.

Every account holder should become very familiar with their online account as they can save time and money when they need to perform certain services.  Most features associated with their account are provided free and are designed to replace services such as receiving paper statements on a monthly basis which costs $3.00 to have the statement mailed to you.  There is no need to receive paper statements if you’re accessing your account online.  All of your statement information is already organized inside your account and its available free of charge.

If you are interested in receiving text alerts that will alert you of a low balance or when your account has been funded via direct deposit then set this feature up inside your account.  This is a free service that has a variety of uses to keep you updated of your account details.  Other services that you can do online are changing your PIN, changing your password, changing your address, updating your email address, filing disputes, etc.

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