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Kelly Services Associates can login their daily work hours online at the Kelly Web Time application provided by PeopleNet.  The site is very convenient for Associates eliminating the hassle of keeping up with paper time slips that need to be signed by your supervisor before you get paid.  With Kelly Web Time Associates can easily login to the site with their User ID and Password and have immediate access to their time card.  All of their time punches can be entered in manually from their home computer or smartphone.  The site is very accessible from any device that has internet connectivity.

Associates that are using the site for the very first time will need to go through the registration process before getting started.  The registration link is located on the homepage of Kelly Web Time at (https://kellyservices.mypeoplenet.com) by clicking “Create an Account.”  Users of the site that need additional instruction on how to use the site can refer to a series of video tutorials located HERE.  It is a comprehensive guide of videos that will assist users with properly navigating through Web Time.

Once an Associate’s account has been created they can start logging in and inputting their daily time punches.  It’s not a difficult process entering in your time as you simply need to select your current work week which is labeled Week Ending Date.  The next step is to enter your In and Out time for the day including your lunch break.  The total hours worked are automatically calculated as you enter in your time.  Once all your time has been entered for the current work week it will need to be either saved or submitted for approval.

Any changes that need to be made to your time need to be made prior to payroll being submitted.  The Modify button under the Actions section is used for making any edits to your time.  When edits are made your time will need to be re-submitted for approval.

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