Login to Nordstrom Bank Online Banking Services

If you are an accountholder of Nordstrom Bank you can access your account online at the Nordstrom Bank Online Banking Services website.  It is a convenient web portal similar to any other online account service that requires the use of a username and password to logon.  New customers who do not have access to their account can simply register for online access via the REGISTER link on the web portal page.  When you click the REGISTER link you will notice the Nordstrom Bank Online Banking and Bill Pay Agreement that you should review to ensure you understand how the site works and your options.

The NBOBBP Agreement goes over in detail what types of features your online account offers and how they should be used.  There is a table of contents that breaks down all of the account related topics and the bank’s policies that you will need to agree to before beginning the registration process.  It goes over service charges, fees, unauthorized transactions, online bill pay, joint accounts, etc.

The great thing about using Online Services is customers have access to their accounts 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  If you have a question about your account there is no need to wait until the bank or call center opens to speak with someone.  You can login to your account and all of your personal account information is available to you.  It’s that simple and that convenient providing you with enough information to answer your own questions.

You can use any computer or mobile device with internet capabilities to access your account.  If you are a business person traveling and need to use the computer in the hotel lobby or if you want to use the public computers in your neighborhood library, both will directly connect you to your account.  Just be sure to logout of your account and end your session before you walk away from publicly used computers for your own financial safety.

Most functions that you would normally do inside of a bank can be done online at Online Services.  You are able to transfer funds, reorder checks, put a stop payment on checks, change your personal information such as address, view your account balance history, and more.  All of the information displayed is in real time and each transaction you recently performed will show.



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