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Apartment renters whose landlord has signed up to receive online rent payments through the  website (www.payyourrent.com) can create an online account through the web service and begin making their payments to their landlord directly.  The site is super convenient for renters as they can make payments 24 hours a day 7 days a week and not have to rely on writing out checks ever again.  Payments can be made using electronic bank drafts or credit cards and with the addition of their mobile app renters can make payments while on the go via their smartphone or mobile devices.

First time users of the site can select the Sign Up button to get started creating their online account.  You will want to be sure your apartment complex/landlord is participating in the service first and if they are not you try to convince them to signup with PayYourRent.  This is an opportunity for them to allow their renters to submit payments online which is a convenience for renters and for them as well.  Rent payments will be electronically deposited into the landlord’s bank account which simplifies the rent paying process.  

Once a renter’s online account has been established they will be able to login to their account anytime using the username and password they created during the sign up process.  Some of the features available inside their account are several payment options, detailed payment history, include utilities for payment, submit a maintenance request, read apartment announcements, add roommates portion of payment, etc.  Whenever a renter has questions they can login to their account and utilize the various features to assist them without having to contact the landlord.  

A great feature for renters is an alert tool (like most online accounts have) that sends emails notifications reminding renters of upcoming payments.  Another feature is for roommates which allows users to split up the rent inside their account so they’ll know how much of the rent each roommate is responsible for.  With this service renters will be able to build up their credit some as there is a free credit reporting service that comes with your account.


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