Login to Shop HQ and Manage Your Account

Frequent shoppers of ShopHQ utilize the sites Sign In page to access their online account.  The site requires shoppers who have already registered for an account and created their login credentials to input their email address and password for access.  Once they are logged in they can take advantage of all the features on the inside.

Customers of ShopHQ who have not taken advantage of the online account services really should re-consider registering.  If you know you’re going to buy in the near future having an online account simplifies the buying process and is easy.  The same functions that are required when ordering over the phone are in place when you have your own account.  You can make your purchases all from the comfort of your ShopHQ account.

A ShopHQ account is especially great for customers who have a ShopHQ Credit Card.  From inside their account they can check their balance, available funds, view their statements online, setup up online payments, etc.  There is no need to wait for a monthly statement to arrive in the mail when you can simply login to your account and view all the same details there.

Whether you have a ShopHQ credit card or not you can still make payments via your account through the ValuePay program.  This particular program accepts payments from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Paypal.  If you are setup to make installment payments on a purchase you can easily assign a card or bank draft from your account for a scheduled date every month until the total balance is paid for.  All of this can be done automatically.

After you have made your purchase you can track every step of the shipping process from the time it leaves the ShopHQ warehouse until it arrives to your doorstep.  As long as you have access to your online account you can view these details.



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