Login to Utah EPPICard Account Online

Cardholders can access their Utah EPPICard (Utah Debit MasterCard) online and view all of their account related activity.  Utah cardholders can login to their account anytime of the day and monitor in real time every purchase made using the card including when deposits are made.  Customer service is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to answer any questions cardholders may have via phone call or email but with an online access users can answer any question they may have just by logging in to their account and viewing all the information on display.

Utah users of the EPPICard system can register for online access by visiting www.eppicard.com/utedcclient/.  At the site they can go through the registration process and establish their account online while creating their login credentials (username and password) for continual access.  Once their account is setup it is treated like any other online account where users can access their card information from their mobile devices, home computer, public computer, etc.  Online access helps to make managing an account very convenient as you can easily pull up your card information.

Cardholders should seriously consider using the online service as there are fees charged when making phone calls to customer service.  The online service is free to use and if you understand how to work it you’ll prevent any unnecessary charges.  By accessing your account online you will always know your current card balance, past/present charges you’ve made, view cashback totals, view bills paid using the bill pay system, etc.  

A great feature users should utilize is the alerts feature.  You can setup certain alerts to notify you when you account gets low in funds, when you’ve receive a new deposit, and more.  Alerts can be sent to your mobile phone via text or to your email inbox.  This feature is good to utilize to better assist you with managing your account.

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