Login to Walgreens Balance Financial Prepaid MasterCard

Walgreen’s customers who have registered and activated their Walgreen’s Balance Financial Prepaid MasterCard can login to their account online and monitor all of their transactions.  The online service is easy to use and provides cardholders with real time information concerning their card usage.  If you have not activated your card visit balancefinancial.walgreens.com and enter in your card number, expiration date, CVC number, and setup your login information.

After you’ve fully activated your card you can begin logging in to your account on a regular basis 24 hours a day.  Some of the benefits of utilizing the online service is your account balance is always available for you to see.  There are other free account features such as text or email alerts that will notify you of information about your account you’d like to be aware of such as low balance or any card activity.

In the event you forget your PIN number it can be reset inside your online account without having to call customer service.  Your transaction history can be viewed online under the History section which will also display your current balance.  An online account allows cardholders to have more autonomy over their account and perform many of the services that Customer Service Representatives and automated services typically handle.

More people are turning to prepaid cards as a safety net for their bank accounts.  With the recent retail store account hackings that’s been taking place using a prepaid card is a safer way to shop only requiring you to load money on the card.  You only spend what you deposit on your card and any purchases you try to make over your balance will be denied.  With the MasterCard logo you can use your card anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

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