Login to Xfinity WiFi Access Pass Account Portal

Xfinity WiFi customers can access their Xfinity WiFi account online at the Xfinity WiFi Access Pass Account Portal.  The site requires users to enter their Access Pass Username and Access Pass Password to enter the site.  Once inside customers have multiple options available to them such as monitoring their account activity, making payments, changing their password, etc.

The Xfinity WiFi Access Pass Account Portal is primarily for customers who are paying to use Xfinity WiFi internet service.  The service allows customers to have access to the fastest hotspot coverage around while on the go.  There are 3 service options available for customers which are an hourly pass, daily pass, and weekly pass.  The hourly pass is $2.95, daily pass is $7.95, and weekly pass is $19.95.  Depending on your needs you can customize your internet usage on these three options.

Currently customers who are not regular Xfinity internet users can take advantage of 2 free 60 minute complimentary sessions per month.  This enables users to try the service out before they buy one of the wifi service packages.  If you are interested in the complimentary service you will need to enable the wifi feature on your mobile device or laptop and look for “xfinitywifi” in the list of available networks.  There will be simple instructions afterwards to follow to logon to the net.

To make it easy to locate hotspots on the go customers can download the Xfinity WiFi App to their mobile device or laptop from Google Play or the App Store.  The App will scan any area you’re in to find available Xfinity business or residential customers that you can use their router to connect to the internet.



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