Login to Your Shop HQ Credit Card Account

Cardmembers of Shop HQ can access their credit account at the Shop HQ Credit Card online website.  The site gives cardholders ready access to all of their account information including account summary and has additional services for members to utilize.  In order for members to view their account online they will need to input their User ID to login.

If this is your first time using the site you will need to complete the registration process and create your login credentials.  You will need to enter your credit card number at the beginning of new member registration so please have it handy.  You can also find your credit card number on one of your credit card statements as well.  Other information needed is the last four digits of your social security number, date of birth, mother’s maiden name, and your email address.

The biggest benefit for creating an account online is the conveniences that come with it.  Members will be able to make online payments with several payment options available.  Any payment you make towards your credit account will be applied the same day.  You have the option to make payments anytime of the day without worry.

If any of your personal information is recently changed you can simply login to your account and make those changes to update your account.  Users who have had their account for a while can request for a credit line increase.  There is a feature for this service inside your account and doesn’t take but a few seconds to receive an approval or denial response.

If you are interested in creating reports about your payments or transactions history you can download this information to Microsoft Excel or other financial software such as Quicken or MS Money.  Utilizing the online account service is a great way for cardholders to review their account information conveniently and easily.



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