Login to Your TotalPay Card Account

Employees who utilize the Money Network TotalPay Card to receive their pay via direct deposit can access all of their account information by visiting the Cardholder Support website.  At the site they can perform a number of services including check their balance, pay bills, upgrade to a Visa card, transfer funds to another account, etc.  The support site is a convenient way for cardholders to have access to their account 24 hours a day 7 days a week free.

Once an employee has signed up for a TotalPay Card they can utilize the services of the card even if they are no longer an employee of the company.  It is a legitimate account for users to deposit money into whether from another employer, child support benefits, spouse’s pay, or even income tax refunds.  The card has the same features as any reloadable Visa debit card.

To access your account online visit https://totalpay.everywherepaycard.com and enter your User ID and Password.  If this is your first time accessing your account you will need to go through the First Time Users registration process.  Your employer should have given you a Money Network TotalPay Card with 16 to 19 digits on the front.  You will need to enter those digits on the Account Validation page of the site along with the expiration date.  The next few steps will involve setting up your online access by creating your login credentials.

After completing the registration process and establishing your User ID and Password you will need to activate your service by calling customer service at 1-866-402-1237.  The telephone system provides prompts that will activate your service and allow you to create a PIN.  After you’ve completed these steps your account will be validated and you will be able to logon via any computer, laptop, smartphone, or mobile device with internet connectivity.

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