Logon to PDS Employee Self Service Portal

PDS contractors can monitor their compensation and benefits information online at the PDS Employee Self Service Portal.  The site gives employees options to monitor and manage their payroll/benefits file online independently of their HR/Payroll departments.  Through the use of the online portal employees can simply login and have access to their paystubs, health insurance benefits, and W-2’s.  There are some changes that can be made from the site such as changing tax allowances, payroll deductions, direct deposit info, benefit elections during Open Enrollment, and contact information.

The PDS ESS portal is a one stop shop for contractors and is a great tool for them to utilize so they can continually manage their personnel information.  To access the site users must visit (https://ess.pdstech.com) where the use of a Username and Password is required.  First time users of the site or New Hires will receive a temporary username and password for their first time logging in to the site.  After successfully signing on you can then change your login credentials to whatever you want to ensure your online security.

Once logged in to the ESS portal users will notice a display of functions available to them to access their payroll data, benefits, emergency contacts, new hire set up, open enrollment, and more.  Employees can setup their direct deposit accounts manually and can elect up to 10 different direct deposit accounts inside their online file.  It’s also simple to make changes to your W-4 (tax allowances).  The actual form is available in digital form for users to make their edits onto the form and all the changes can be approved and submitted from the digital form.

After 90 days of employment contractors can enroll in the benefits program and all of their benefit elections are selected from the ESS portal.  Users will notice their benefit costs per election and can make their selection on which dependents are covered.  Health, dental, and vision benefit plans are available for review and selection.  During Open Enrollment all employees will be able to login to their account and make modifications to their benefits.

During the part of the year for tax preparation employees will have the option to have their W-2 forms electronically available for them inside their account.  If they elect for it to be sent to them electronically they will be notified via email when it is available.  

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