Lose Weight with Alejandro Chaban Diet Plan

The Yes You Can Diet Plan designed with Latinos in mind is a great weight loss solution for two types of people, those trying to shed a few pounds and those seeking to stay at their ideal weight.  Lots of people fall into these two categories and with the design of the Yes You Can Diet Plan they will be able to attain their weight loss goals.  Everything has already been thought out for you and all you need to do is follow the plan as it is laid out on a daily basis and you will begin to see results.

The diet plan offers customers two kits to choose from which are the Transform Kit Food Lover and Transform Kit On-The Go.  The Food Lover Kit is for people who enjoy cooking their own meals at home while the On-the Go kit focuses on meal replacements for those who may not have the time to cook but still want to eat as healthy as possible.  Each kit offers tools in the form of supplements, vitamins, protein shakes, snacks, fat burners, color cleansers, appetite suppressants, and more to add to your current lifestyle and help you with reaching or maintaining your goals.

Included in the Transform Kit Food Lover Kit is 60 protein shakes, 30 fat burner pills, 30 appetite suppressant pills, 30 colon cleanser pills, 30 collagen pills, 1 bilingual transform guide, 1 shaker bottle, 1 heart shaped band, 1 certificate of success, and 1 diet plan sticker.  For the protein shakes there are 4 flavors to choose from (Choco Brownie, Cappuccino, Vanilla, and Kiwi Berry).  The Transform Kit On-the Go offers the same products with 60 meal replacement replacing the 60 protein shakes.

Each kit comes with a daily schedule of how to implement the kit into your daily life on a breakfast, lunch, and dinner format.  There is a nutrition guide included in your package that details how to follow the Yes You Can Diet Plan when preparing your favorite meals and selecting the right foods to eat.  One of the keys to this diet plan is you will learn how to replace unhealthy foods that you enjoy eating with other replacement foods that are healthier.

Each kit comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and can be purchased online at www.yesyoucandietplan.com/uni.

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