LTD Financial Services Online Payment Service

Customers who are responding to a letter or phone call they’ve received from LTD Financial Services in order to collect a debt can utilize the company’s payment online service to make a payment.  Making a payment via the online site is simple only requiring customers to enter the reference number, last 4 digits of your social security number, and last 4 characters of your account number.

The reference number can be found on the correspondence letter that was sent to you.  If you spoke with a bill collector with the company they will also provide you with a reference number as well.  Once you enter this information you will notice your account details and the arrangements you’ve made noted inside the account.  You should have already received a letter discussing these arrangements so it’s a good idea to double-check the site and agreement to ensure that you and your creditor agreed on the right payment amounts and payment due dates.

The last step is to select the payment method you want to use which you’ll see several options available to you.  It is a good idea to adhere to your agreement and make your payments on the scheduled date.  If you need to change the agreement at any time please consult with one of the collectors at LTD, preferably the person who helped create your current payment arrangement and discuss what other options are available to you.



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