Make A Payment to Check Plus Systems

If you received a notice in the mail concerning an issuance of a bad check take the time to make restitution by submitting a payment to Check Plus Systems online.  Check Plus Systems is a 3rd party agent that specializes in the prevention and collection of returned checks.  There is an online payment system in place for clients to forward their payments and clear up their account.  Clients can also utilize the payment by phone option by calling 1-877-882-5253 and paying by credit card or check by phone.

The online payment option is a quick and easy solution for clients as they can resolve their debt in a matter of minutes.  With the online payment system there is no delay in processing your payment as it is normally posted the same day.  To take advantage of the process clients simply need to find their Reference # which is highlighted on their Pre-Filing Demand letter that was received in the mail.  Enter that number into the appropriate field on the Check Plus Systems payment page located at and then enter your zip code.

After entering in the Reference # and zip code the next screen will show your account information including the amount owed.  Immediately you will see a payment option that will allow you to make a payment in the form of a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express).  You will need to have your credit card information handy to complete the payment entry.

To be sure your account information is correct and the debt owed is accurate contact a representative with CPS and verify your balance.  This should be the first you take prior to making any payments.  Once you have made your payment and fulfilled your balance you should hopefully be restored to check writing privileges.

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