Make a Payment to Mercy Clinics Online Billing

If you’ve recently received a billing statement in the mail from Mercy Clinics you have the option to make an online payment at the Mercy Clinics Billing website.  Currently the site is accepting payments from not only Mercy Clinic patients but also patients from Mercy Professional Practice Associates, Perinatal Center of Iowa, and Mercy Cancer Center Radiation Oncology.

When you visit the site you will notice a payment form that needs to be completed to make sure your payment is processed appropriately.  If you have any questions about using the site or if you have payment related questions you can call the billing department Monday – Friday between 8:30am and 4pm at 1-888-515-7155.

If you decide to make a payment via the website it is important to make sure to enter in your payment information correctly particularly your card number, CVV Code, and expiration date.  Double check those numbers after you enter them to ensure they are correct otherwise your online payment will be rejected.  If you experience a rejection always revert to those numbers for accuracy and also be sure your Cardholder name is exactly the same as it is on your card.

Any questions you may have about your bill can be referred to customer service or if you need to ask about setting up payment arrangements you can check with Clinic Financial Counseling.  There are trained financial counselors in the CFC department who can provide you with other types of financial assistance.



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