Make an Online Payment with Collection Bureau Hudson Valley

If you’ve recently received a letter in the mail or received phone calls concerning an account you currently have in collections you can begin making payments on that account online at the Collection Bureau Hudson Valley payment website.  CBHV is a debt collector that works with customers whose accounts are in default and help them find ways to resolve their debts.  After you have made payment arrangements wtih CBHV on the debts owed you can begin making agreed upon scheduled payments at their online payment site.

For new customers who just recently made payment arrangements with CBHV you can start the process by reading the Terms and Conditions section of the site then selecting that you agree to them.  The next step is to select how you are going to make your payment, either by echeck or via credit card.  Those options are appropriately displayed on the site.

You will need to complete the online secure payment forms which need your name, address, credit card number being used for payment, bank information for debit, etc.  On the debt collection letter you received in the mail there is a CBHV Reference Number that you will need to complete the online form.

Before you begin making payments online please be sure you have reached a payment agreement with CBHV by speaking with a representative and only after receiving a letter in the mail that stipulates your agreement arrangements.



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