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Auto loan customers of Go Financial can access their account online using the My Go Financial website at  The site is a convenient way for customers to manage their account and pay their monthly bill online.  It is also useful for mobile devices as customers can login to their account while on the go and review all of their account information.  Concerning making monthly payments there are 9 different ways customers can pay their bill but the online service is the easiest and most convenient alternative AND it’s free.

Go Financial Login

The most recommended way for any customer to pay their bills is to sign up for an account and to pay online.  Go Financial customers have the option to do the same (create an online account at My Go Financial) and sign up for the Auto-Pay feature or make manual one-time payments every month.  The auto-pay feature allows you to setup your personal bank account for monthly drafting of your payment set for a certain date each month.  You select the date you want your payment to be drafted and like clockwork you won’t have to worry about manually making a payment because it will be automatically done for you.  The online payment feature is a free service for customers.

Go Financial Payment

My Go Financial customers can choose to not signup for AutoPay and still pay online via their checking or savings account.  They will need to setup their bank routing number and account number inside their account for electronic debiting.  Another payment feature available online but it requires utilizing Western Union and there is a $4.50 fee attached.  Go Financial has an established account with Western Union that customers can utilize to send their car payment online using Western Union Speedpay.  The traditional ways of using Western Union by using the forms found in grocery or convenience stores are still available for customers including personally calling WU and making a phone payment.

Western Union Speedpay

Western Union Speedpay has a free payment by text feature for customers which allows customers to basically send a particular text and a payment is sent off.  You will need to create an account with WU and include your bank account information to setup this feature.  Moneygram is another payment option for customers as they can locate a store that offers Moneygram payments and submit your payment using the MG forms.  

Customers interested in paying their car payment in person can visit any Walmart or CheckFreePay location to submit their payment.  Payments can be made via cash or debit card and there is a $1.50 additional fee.

Phone Payments

Customers can call 1-877-235-9900 to make a payment over the telephone.  This service is provided by Western Union Speedpay and customers can pay using their checking account, savings account, credit card, or debit card.  There is a $4.50 additional fee that is applied.

Bank Account Payments

Customers can utilize their personal bank’s bill payment system to submit their car payment.

Pay By Mail

The old fashioned way of paying bills is still acceptable which is by sending a check or money order by mail to PO Box 52526, Phoenix, AZ  85072.

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