Make Purchases with Your PayPal Card

More and more stores are expanding the ways they allow their customers to make purchases and at Home Depot customers can now begin utilizing their PayPal account during checkout.  If you’re not familiar with PayPal they are an online company that allows their customers to send and receive money without sharing their financial information.  It’s a faster and safer way to buy things without always needing to pay cash or use your credit card.

How does the Home Depot PayPal Anywhere service works?  For customers who already have a PayPal card/account once you are ready to checkout at Home Depot there are 2 options for making your payment at the cashier’s swipe machine.  The first option is to enter your mobile phone number including your PayPal 4-8 digit PIN number using the swipe machine keypad.  The second option is to use your PayPal payment card then enter your 4-8 digit PIN associated with your card.

There are other PayPal customers who have a PayPal Mastercard which is simply used just like any other Mastercard by swiping and the money is deducted from your PayPal account.  If you haven’t applied for a Mastercard all of the details on how to receive one is located inside your account.  The convenience with using PayPal is customers can have their bank account and credit cards attached to their account which allows them to easily fund more money to their account or send money to their bank account.

With each transaction that is completed there are no transaction fees associated.  The actual transaction/electronic receipt is stored inside your account for you to view later so there’s no need to carry a hardcopy receipt.  If you do not have a PayPal account and would like to sign up for one please visit

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