Make Rent-A-Center Payments Online

Rent-A-Center customers can make online payments for their purchases at the Rent-A-Center ePay site.  The online site allows customers to securely login to their account and make one-time monthly payments or setup AutoPay which will automatically draft a payment from their bank account every month on a set date.  AutoPay is a great feature for customers who don’t want to worry about remembering when their payment is due every month.  Via the ePay site customers can skip going to their nearest Rent-A-Center store to drop off their payment but can instead pay for free through their online account.

Signing up for an ePay account  is an easy process for customers as they can simply complete the online application process after clicking the link “Create Account” found on the ePay login page at (  Once they’ve completed the application and created their username and password they can begin logging in and viewing their account information.  By creating their login credentials customers can access their account from any device that has a web browser and internet connectivity.  

One of the benefits of paying online is it’s a free process and customers don’t have to send off their payments in the mail 5 to 7 days prior ensuring it will arrive before the payment due date.  Payments can be made on the day of the scheduled due date online and the payment will be posted and reflect the same day.  The online service is a convenience for customers as their payments processed instantaneously with no waiting.  It can be done online anytime of the day from their home computer, smart phone, or mobile devices.  

Customers can make payments from their personal bank account via a bank draft or through a credit card.  This option is available for one-time monthly payments or for scheduled automatic payments.  Bank account and credit card information can be stored inside your online account for payments.

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