Manage Your RBS Credit Card Account Online

Cardholders of the RBS Platinum MasterCard can enjoy the benefits of managing their credit card account online.  For members who have not registered for an online account it’s a simple process only requiring users to complete the 3 step online registration form.  After you’ve entered in your information into the fields including creating a username and password you can begin logging into your account.

Cardholders should find accessing their account online a great convenience as all of your account information is accessible there.  There is also no need to depend on monthly paper statements to arrive to your home to keep you informed of your credit card activities.  You can keep track of everything through the online account services.

Users will be able to make payments to their credit card electronically and never have to write another check again.  Your monthly payments can be made manually or setup under Automatic bill pay.  Automatic bill pay is another convenience as you don’t have to worry about remembering when your payment due date is as you can simply set the date and forget about it.  Your monthly payment will automatically be paid on the date you set it for.

When it comes to reviewing your purchases all of your credit card transactions are recorded in real time inside your account for you to review any time of the day.  You are provided with enough information about each transaction to know where you made your purchases or used your credit card.  Your account balance is always visible when you login so you can see how much you owe monthly or your total balance.

Customers who want to review their statements from past months can easily search through each transaction made via your credit card online.  You can access the past 3 months of your account statements.  These are just a few features cardholders will enjoy via online services.



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