MoneyGram Send Transfer or Withdraw from PayPal

In the past one of the big issues with using PayPal was the few options customers had to withdraw or add money to their PayPal account.  The only option available for a while was customers could only use a bank draft that took up to 5 days to arrive in your account.  Now PayPal has coordinated with Moneygram to offer customers the option to send, transfer, or withdraw funds from their PayPal account via MoneyGram services.

This is a big deal for PayPal customers as it opens the door for them to use their card more because of this particular service.   With MoneyGram customers can transfer cash into their PayPal account to begin using within minutes.  There are participating MoneyGram locations in many retail stores including Walmart, CVS, ACE Cash Express, Advance America, and others.

Another option with this PayPal/Moneygram collaboration is the option to send money to anyone that has a PayPal account.  This is one more way for people to send money as a gift.  You can send money directly to their PayPal card which can then be withdrawn by them at a participating MoneyGram location.

The joint venture between PayPal/Moneygram is a great way for PayPal to attract more cardholders.  Having a variety of ways to add and withdraw funds from your card provides cardholders the flexibility they desire.  If you would like to sign up for this service first register for a PayPal card afterwards you can utilize any of the participating MoneyGram locations in your area or access the online site at the link below.

The online site allows cardholders to send money to a MoneyGram location to be picked up later.  If you need help in locating a participator utilize the Find A Location feature on the site and you’ll be presented with a list of locations in your vicinity.



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