Netspend Premier Visa Prepaid Online Card Activation

Have you recently applied for a Netspend Premier Visa Prepaid Card?  Has your new card arrived in the mail yet?  If so your very next step is to activate your new card so you begin to using it.  You should have received a letter from Netspend with instructions on how to activate your card.  There are two ways to activate it which are visiting the Netspend Activation site for users that have access to the internet or by calling 1-855-646-8848.

If you decide to use the activation site you will need to have your card handy so you can enter the 16 or 20 digit card number in the appropriate field.  Once you’ve done this and hit the Activate Card button your card will now be ready to add money to it.  The great thing about your Netspend card is it will be reloadable from here on so you’ll be able to continually add money to it and use it.

If you are wondering where you can fund your card there are over 130,000 locations within the United States that participate in the Netspend Reload Network where you can load your card with cash.  You can visit to find a location near you.  Another alternative available to card holders is to have your paycheck direct deposited to your card.

There are convenient reload packs available in stores right in your neighborhood such as grocery, pharmacy, and convenience stores that sell these packs.  You can purchase them as is and apply the amount of money you want funded on your Netspend card to the cashier.  The funds can then be transferred to your card.

If you are concerned about being charged unnecessary fees then consider this basic fee chart when using your card.  You will be charged $5 per month after your first initial month for the FeeAdvantage Plan, ATM fees are $2.50 per withdrawal, and $.50 for calls to customer service.  If you are ok with these basic fees then there’s not much else to do but get started using your new Netspend card.



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