NetZero No Contract Mobile Broadband Internet

NetZero has affordable internet plans for new customers looking for mobile broadband internet coverage without the strings of a 2 year contract.  NetZero is known for their no contract feature which allows customers the option to upgrade/change their service and not incur any additional fees.  Customers can enjoy this attractive feature along with the same 4G speeds offered from their competitors.

There are four different types of plans available for customers to review on the NetZero website.  Each plan is different based on the data plan offered for each particular plan.  Customers can decide on the Plus, Pro, Platinum, and Platinum Plus plans which have the following variations in price/data usage per month:

  • Plus – $19.95 for 2GB
  • Pro – $34.95 for 4GB
  • Platinum – $49.95 for 8GB
  • Platinum Plus – $79.95 for 12GB

Depending on which plan you select there is a 50% discount on the mobile broadband equipment including the NetZero 4G Stick for laptops and netbooks AND the NetZero 4G Hotspot for laptops, netbooks, iPads, tablets, etc.  There is a limited time offer on this discount so customers will want to ensure they are taking advantage of this deal.

The NetZero Stick is easy to install as it’s a plug and play device while the Hotspot can connect up to 8 devices that are wi-fi enabled.  It has a battery life of 6 hours of non-stop use.  Signing up for NetZero services can easily be done online so if you’re ready to get started please visit the link HERE.

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