NetZero Personalized HomePage

For convenience and ease of use NetZero internet subscribers can start their day everyday on the net through the NetZero Homepage.  The homepage is a great starting point for users as it provides all of the important information on the web that you’re most interested in.  Through the personalization features users can setup their homepage to showcase only the topics they want to read about such as top news headlines, business, stock market information, sports headlines, local weather, etc.

Other features available to users that are just as important as news headlines are links and accesses to your NetZero account information.  Users can enter their Member ID and password to access their NetZero and email accounts all from the homepage.  Subscribers who are big Facebook users can also directly connect to their Facebook account and stay logged into it from the NetZero homepage.  All of the same functions are available to them from the homepage including viewing status updates, friend’s activity, making wall posts, and publishing content.

Subscribers that have email accounts with other email providers can utilize the One-Click Email Access feature to those services by clicking on their icons on the homepage.  After you click on the icon you will be taken to the email sign in page to input your username and password.

The NetZero homepage links to the top stories on the web right now.  Users can simply read the headlines offered on the homepage, click the link, and be taken directly to the actual story to read more.  The site has condensed the web so subscribers don’t have to go searching for information.  All of the topics that interest you are highlighted for you to read and stay informed.

Users have the option to personalize their page anyway they desire to better suit their interests.  For information that is not available on the homepage users can search the web using the Google search box at the top of the homepage.

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