New Shark Rocket Professional Ultra-Lightweight RV 300 Vacuum

Are you ready to change out your old vacuum for a newer more innovative vacuum?  Vacuums, especially upright vacuums, don’t have to be big and clunky taking up a lot of space and hard to maneuver.  If you’ve ever heard about Shark vacuums then you know they are the new leaders in vacuum technology.  Their latest product release is the new Shark Rocket Ultra-light Upright vacuum that has so many great features that people are abandoning their old vacuums for this brand.

One of the first features about the Shark Rocket that make it so appealing is its design.  It is lighter and is so much easier to maneuver around objects in your rooms.  It’s an Ultra-lightweight vacuum but has the same attributes of a traditional upright vacuum.  Its suction power is the same as most upright vacuums which is fascinating because many of us equate size with power.  If you’ve seen the commercials then you’ve seen the tests showing how powerful it is at deep cleaning your carpets.

What is also fascinating about the Shark Rocket is it can also can be used for light cleaning your hard surface floors.  It can pickup deep down dirt or surface area dirt.  All of these conveniences were thought of when this product was designed.  All of the dirt that is picked up is collected in the dust container.  There is never a need to purchase vacuum bags again.

Of course when it comes to Shark vacuums there’s always the consideration for versatility.  This particular vacuum is literally 2 cleaning units in 1.  It’s transforms into a handheld unit that you can take to parts of your home where the upright can’t travel.  The handheld feature is designed to clean your stairs, furniture, drapes, ceiling fans, inside your vehicles, and more.  You are not losing any power which is great for these types of jobs.

The final price of the Rocket is very affordable.  Customers can take advantage of their 4 month payment plan that allows you to pay $44.95 per month or you can buy the vacuum outright at 1 payment of $179.80.  It comes with a 5 year VIP warranty and lots of accessories to get you started.



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