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Shark Ninja has released a brand new product in their extensive product line of home products called the Ninja Coffee Bar.  This product is for all the coffee drinkers who are interested in making their favorite coffee drinks in the convenience of their home.  If you’ve noticed the commercials with actress Sofia Vergara advertising the Ninja Coffee Bar then you can see how special this product is.  It has all the conveniences that people desire in a coffee maker and anyone who tries the Coffee Bar will find true enjoyment out of it.

What is so special about the Ninja Coffee Bar?  Well the Coffee Bar has many attractive qualities that users will love.  For starters it has the capability to create different size drinks including a single mug, travel mug, a half carafe, or a full carafe all with the touch of a button. Users can create as much or as little coffee they want to make.  When it comes to creating hot coffee there are 2 options to choose from which are Classic and Rich Brew that has been particularly designed to stand up to extra milk and flavoring so your coffee doesn’t turn out to be bitter.

For iced coffee lovers the Coffee Bar will correctly make to your liking iced coffee drinks that will not be watered down or have a stale taste.  The product is designed to make your drinks just the way you like them perfectly.  All of your favorite drinks (hot or frozen blended) that you buy from your local coffee houses can now be made right at home with the Coffee Bar sitting on your countertop.  

This unit does not need coffee pods to use like most other coffee machines.  You can simply use the scoop that comes with the product and put a scoop of your favorite coffee into the Ninja Bar.  Making the coffee is easy as it utilizes Auto-iQ One Touch Intelligence Technology that allows you to press a button and get your desired results including the amount of coffee to make and type of brew (classic, rich, or over ice).  It also has intelligent design in its warming plate which automatically senses the amount of coffee in your carafe and adjusts the temperature accordingly so your coffee stays hot.

The Ninja Coffee Bar is exclusively available for customers online at (www.buycoffeebar.com).  It comes with the special brewer, glass carafe, intelligent warming plate, removable water reservoir with auto-metering, brew basket, programmable brew timer, easy frother, double sided scoop, 40 recipe guide, bonus 100 recipe book, and 5 year VIP warranty.  Customers can pay the full price of $159.80 or utilize the 4 month payment plan for $39.95 per month.

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