Nutri Ninja Auto iQ Pro Complete with Smooth Boost

Ninja, America’s #1 best selling premium blender brand, has revolutionized the blender again by making it multi-functional combining their popular Nutribullet (nutrient and vitamin extractor) into their powerful high performance blender.  When combined the 2-in-1 product is called the Nutri Ninja Pro Complete.  Customers can continue making their healthy drinks and juices through the nutrient and vitamin extractor feature as well as create smoothies through the blending option.  With this exclusive product customers can do more with less all in one product.

The Nutri Ninja was built with Auto-iQ technology which is one touch intelligent programming.  One touch programming allows users to simply press a button on the front of the product (pulse, smooth boost, extract, or blend) to have their drink created at their desired consistency.  The Smooth Boost feature has a yes or no option allowing users to choose to have their drink more liquefied or thicker.

The Pro Complete also comes with extra features that customers will love which are a 24 oz Tritan personal size cup that comes with a sip & seal to go lid, 48 oz Multi-serve jar, and a 24 oz Professional Stainless Steel Insulated Cup that can be used with the Pro Complete.  The stainless steel cup comes with a sip & seal lid and can keep your drinks cold for up to 4 hours.  All 3 containers can be used with the Pro Complete including blending and nutrient extracting.  

Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ can be purchased online at (  Included in the purchase is the all-in-one product, 1100 watt motor base, the 3 cups, 2 sip & seal lids, 5 year warranty, and bonus inspiration guide.  Customers can get the entire package for a one-time price of $119.85 or 3 payments of $39.95.  It comes with a lowest price and purchase guarantee along with a 60 day money back guarantee.

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