NutriNinja Blender Duo 2 Machines in One

The NutriNinja Ninja Blender Duo is the latest offering from the Ninja Blender brand that provides customers with two of Ninja’s best selling products (the Nutri Ninja and Ninja Blender) merged into one unique small appliance allowing customers to create all of their favorite beverages and healthy drinks using the same powerbase.  Creating smoothies has been simplified with with the new Auto-IQ feature which takes away all the guesswork out of selecting the right speed and time needed to create your drink.  With one touch pre-programmed settings you can set it and forget it and your drinks come out perfect.

If you’re familiar with Ninja products I’m sure you’ve already seen both the Nutri Ninja and Ninja Blender operate as separate units.  The opportunity to have them both together sharing the same powerbase automatically saves you money and expands your creative potential for making healthy drinks.  The powerbase functions at 1500 watts/2 HP providing you more than enough power to crush through ice or fruits/vegetables easily.

The design of the Pro Extractor and Total Crushing Blades are what makes this small appliance unique and effective.  The blades attach to the various cup sizes/ blending pitcher allowing you to fill up the cups with your ingredients and with the assistance of 1500 watts coming from the powerbase the ingredients inside are broken down quite easily creating your healthy beverage.  To make sure your drink is created perfectly the Auto-IQ feature with its pre-programmed speeds is available to ensure the right consistency of your beverage.

If you enjoy making smoothies and creating your very own signature drinks the Ninja Duo is an essential appliance that’ll provide years of enjoyment.  Currently there is an exclusive online offer available for customers which includes an affordable payment plan and a lowest price guarantee.  New customers can purchase the Duo online at at 4 payments of $49.95 or 1 payment of $199.80.  The deal comes with the 1500 watt powerbase, 3 Nutri Ninja Nutrient Extractor Cups with sip & seal lids, 1 set of Pro Extractor Blades, 1 set of Total Crushing Blades, 72 oz blending pitcher, inspiration guide, and 3 day jump start plan.

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  • I viewed your TV promotion this morning on which you advertised your TV offer of t he Nutri Ninja blender and smoothie machine, also to include with this offer a food processor along with booklet. However, when I logged on to the website given to purchase the offer,there was no such offer as advertised,and it left me wondering if this was a scam. Your explanation is eagerly awaited.

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