Online Access for Advanced Financial Federal Credit Union

Members of Advanced Financial Federal Credit Union can access their bank account online via the Online Access.  The site provides online service for customers 24 hours a day allowing them to login and review all of their account information.  It’s a multi-functional site where users can utilize the bill pay service to submit payments to their bills, review their account balances, download statements, monitor deposits/withdrawals, view check payments, etc.  Members will be able to manage their account through the online service and with the use of a Username they’ll be able to sign on from any device that has a browser and internet connection.

AFFCU members can login to their account by visiting (  First time users will need to go through the registration process to set up their online access starting with the “Enroll” button on the homepage and completing the registration form.  You will need to enter your 16 digit account number, establish your security information, and create your username and password.  Once this information has been submitted your account will be accessible for online service.  

Other conveniences that are offered for members who elect to utilize the online access is to view the last 12 months of your account statement.  This information can also be downloaded to your computer to sync with software such as Quicken or MS Money.  Customer Service can also be reached by signing in to your account.  If you have a question for the bank’s customer service department then you can open an inquiry from inside your account that will be sent to the department for answering.  

Members that have multiple accounts with the credit union will have access to all of them from Online Access.  You will be able to switch between accounts to review them and receive a status update in real time including any recent transactions that have taken place.  Customers who utilize the service find it more convenient to use than stopping by their bank or calling customer service when they have questions about their account or simply want to check the balance.

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