Online Offer for the Nutribullet RX

If you’ve always wanted a Nutribullet now is a great time to purchase the most advanced one on the market, the Nutribullet RX.  The Nutribullet RX is an upgrade from the previous models as this new and improved version offers customers more power, capacity, features, and a new heating function for creating soups.  As a bonus gift for making a purchase customers will receive a free original Nutribullet with their order, all they need to pay is the shipping & handling charges.

One of the newest features to the Nutribullet RX is the SouperBlast (Hot Soup Maker) feature.  You can add in your favorite vegetables and using the 7 Minute Heating Cycle on the Powerbase enjoy fresh hot soup that is nutritious and homemade.  This is a great new feature for anyone who enjoy restaurant styled soups and provides an option for you to create those same dishes in your home with this appliance.

Compared with the older version Nutribullet the RX is simpler and more convenient to use.  With the older version you had to twist the extractor cup on the powerbase to start the blending process but with the new and improved RX you only need to place the extractor cup on the base and it begins automatically.  With this Walk-Away feature you can simply walk away and do something else while the product is working.

It utilizes a Smart Technology Programming that causes the RX to wind at the right speeds up to 30,000 RPM and then wind down at a slower speed.  This increasing and decreasing in speeds allows the unit to fully extract all of the nutrients out of the contents in the container.  The unit is also programmed to shut itself off after a certain period of time so you don’t have to worry about doing that manually.  Everything about the RX is pre-programmed including and there are no On and Off switches for you to have to worry about.

Included with each order is the 2.3 HP High Torque Power Base, 1 Extractor Blade, 1 SouperBlast Pitcher with 2 Piece Lid, 1 30oz Short Cup, 1 45oz Oversized Cup, 1 Stay Fresh Lid, 1 Comfort Lip Ring, 1 User Guide, and a free copy of Nature’s Prescription Book.  Customers can take advantage of the 5 month payment plan of $39.99 to purchase the RX and it’s backed by a 30 day money back guarantee.

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