Online Warranty Registration for Nutribullet

Nutriliving is the online destination for customers who purchased a brand new Nutribullet product to register and activate the 1 year limited manufacturer’s warranty.  The online registration process is very simple and only takes a few minutes to complete.  Completing the warranty registration should be the very first step a customer takes before using their product to ensure their device is covered from any defects.

At the Nutriliving registration site visitors can start the registration process by first selecting from the online catalog the device they purchased.  There are 12 Nutribullet/Magic Bullet type products within the catalog listing for visitors to browse.  They will select the product they purchased and scroll down to the bottom of the page to enter in the registration information which includes the products serial number, the location they purchased the product, and the purchase date.  After they’ve answered all the questions their product will be registered and the warranty activated.

For most Nutribullet products there is a one year warranty that is valid from the date of purchase.  It specifically covers the product to be free of defects when it is purchased.  If the product stops operating adequately because of defects in the product then it will either be repaired or replaced for free.  The warranty does not cover typical wear and tear.

Customers can also purchase the Four Year Limited Warranty plan that will cover your product an additional 4 years beyond the manufacturer’s 1 year warranty.  The same warranty details are implied covering any defects beyond normal wear and tear.  Customers who experience problems with their Nutribullet within the warranty period can call the customer service department at 1-844-900-7760 Monday through Sunday from 9am to 8pm eastern time.

Customers can visit to register online.

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