Online Warranty Registration for NutribulletRX

If you recently purchased a NutribulletRX one of the first steps you should take before plugging up your device is to register your product online to activate the warranty.  The registration process is simple only requiring a few details to enter about your product.  You will need to have handy the product’s Serial Number, purchase location, and purchase date.  Once you’ve entered in the information your product will be officially registered and covered by the warranty.

What are the highlights of the NutribulletRX warranty?  The basic warranty declares the unit you purchased will be free from defects for a full year after your purchase date.  This is the reason why you need to enter in the date of purchase when completing the registration process so it can be recorded on file in case you experience any problems with your device and need to ensure you’re covered.

Other benefits of the basic warranty is if your unit suddenly stops working or begins to have performance issues because of problems with its workmanship then it can be returned and repaired or replaced for free.  Please consider that normal wear and tear are not valid reasons under the basic warranty to qualify for a replaced or repaired unit.

To ensure that your unit will be covered under the basic warranty please do not use your NutribulletRX for commercial reasons.  It is a home appliance that is used only for home use.  If there are problems with your unit please return it for repairs and do not try to fix yourself or you may void the warranty.

For customers who are interested in extended coverage a 4 year limited warranty is available for purchase.  It will cover your unit for an additional 4 years after your free basic warranty expires.

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