Optimum Outcomes Bill Collection Agency

Optimum Outcomes is a 3rd party bill collection agency that is hired by creditors to collect payments from customers who have an outstanding balance or bad debt.  If you’ve recently received a letter in the mail concerning a debt you owe this is your opportunity to contact Optimum Outcomes and speak with a representative about setting up some type of payment arrangements to pay off the debt.

After you’ve setup those payment arrangements you can utilize the online bill payment system to submit your payments.  Whenever making payments you will need to enter your Debtor Number and Online PIN Number to start the process ensuring that your payments will be accounted for accurately.  If you experience any problems with the service you can call 1-800-752-4172.

It is a good idea after making a payment to document each payment until you’ve paid off your account.  You want to make sure you receive credit for each payment and not risk over-paying due to not keeping track of your payments.  This will prevent any confusion as you will have the proper documentation needed to provide proof of payment.

Be sure to make your payments at the scheduled time in accordance to the agreement that was made between you and the Optimum Outcomes agent.  When your account is finally paid in full all 3 credit bureaus will be notified and the bad debt will be removed from your credit history.



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