Order Dominos Pizza with an Emoji

Have you seen the new Dominos commercial?  Dominos has introduced new ways for their customers to order pizza without having to make a phone call or visit their website.  The new Dominos Anyware program allows customers to place a pizza order using cell phone texts, Twitter tweets, Smart TV, inside your Ford vehicle, using your smartwatch, or by voice command using your smartphone.  Customers now have multiple ways to order a pizza by simply using the technology that’s nearest them or they’re most comfortable with.

The ordering process that is sure to get most everyone’s attention is the pizza slice emoji feature which was featured on the commercial.  If you’re are familiar with texting via your smartphone all you have to do is select the pizza slice emoji and you’ve instantly placed an order with Dominos.  Before you begin using this feature you will need to visit Dominos.com and create a pizza profile where you will store your personal information such as your address, credit card information for payment, etc.  After you’ve setup your profile then you should establish your Easy Order.  Easy Order is your typical Dominos order that you frequently buy including how you want it delivered.  Using the pizza slice emoji you can place your order and the payment and delivery options which are already stored in your account will already be acknowledged for you which makes for very simple ordering.

With an Easy Order profile already setup users can use Twitter to initiate an order as well.  All they need to do is tweet #EASYORDER or the pizza slice emoji to @Dominos.  Samsung Smart TV’s have another type of easy ordering process involving the Dominos app which allows viewers to place an order via their television.  The app feature shows recent orders, the easy order process, viewers can review recent orders and make reorders as well as track their orders.

Anyone that owns a Ford vehicle that has the Ford SYNC Applink can order directly from their vehicle.  The Easy Order feature is available immediately when you open the app.  Smartwatches like the Pebble or Androidwear also have the Dominos app for quick ordering.  Customers now have many ways to enjoy Dominos pizza and the service they receive.  To get started with your own Easy Ordering visit www.dominosanyware.com.

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