Order Proactiv and Get a Bonus Deep Cleansing Brush

You’ve seen the celebrity commercials of how well Proactiv works on skin that is acne prone.  If you haven’t tried Proactiv but have always been curious how it works now is a great time to make your first order.  With all new orders customers will receive a free deep cleansing brush as a bonus gift.  The deep cleansing brush is regularly priced at $65 but it will be included in your kit for free.  The brush is a perfect addition to help with fighting acne and returning your skin to a smooth texture as it’s bristles are bacteria resistant and it functions with 2 speeds for deep or gentle cleansing.

What type kits are available?  Customers can visit (www.proactiv.com/brushgift14) and select from 2 kits listed in the online catalog.  The kits are the traditional Proactiv 3 Step System and the Proactiv Deluxe System.  Both systems include three basic Proactiv products which are the Renewing Cleanser, Revitalizing Toner, and Repairing Treatment.  The Deluxe System also comes with Oil Free Moisture with SPF 15 and Daily Oil Control.  Customers can expect to spend $14.95 on the 3 Step System and $24.95 on the Deluxe System with both orders shipped for free.

There are 2 different order supply amounts for each kit that customers can choose from which are the 30 day supply or 90 day supply.  Customers that select the 30 day supply will receive  a 2nd shipment in the same amount after the first 30 days then if they are satisfied with the product they will be sent a 90 day supply every 3 months.  Customers who initially order the 90 day supply will likewise receive a 90 day supply every 3 months.

Each order comes with a 60 day money back guarantee and if customers aren’t satisfied with the product they can return the used products for a complete refund.

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