Order Proactiv + and Receive Deep Cleansing Brush

New customers to Proactiv can take advantage of the world’s #1 acne brand limited time offer to receive a free deep cleansing brush with their first order.  Along with Proactiv’s powerful acne fighting formula customers will be able to enjoy the deep cleansing brush which is specially designed to clear out clogged in dirt/oil in your pores as well as lift away dead skin cells.  It has a $45 retail value that you’ll receive for free with your first order.

How do you order?  New customers can visit www.proactiv.com/brushnow to browse the online catalog of kits available.   They can select from the 3 Step System, Teen Kit, and Complete Kit.  Each kit is designed to tackle different acne problems with the 3 Step System being the base kit, the Teen Kit fights acne and blemishes, while the Complete Kit helps to diminish dark marks.

There is a limited time offer of $10 off the retail price on each kit so it’s a great time to try Proactiv and begin seeing a difference in your appearance.  After deciding on a kit customers will need to then select a 30 day or 90 day supply.  The prices advertised on the website catalog only show 30 day supplies but in the Order Summary section of the site customers can select the 90 day supply and receive the subtotal price of that particular kit.

After making your selections include your shipping and billing information while also filling in your payment details.  Payments are accepted by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.  Each order comes with a 60 day money back guarantee to ensure you try the product and if you’re not satisfied with the results simply return for a complete 100% money back refund.

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