Order Proactiv Plus and Receive Deep Cleansing Brush

If you’ve heard about Proactiv but have never gotten around to giving it a try consider the new advanced formula that has just been released called Proactiv Plus.  This new enhancement has been designed not only to clear your skin from acne but also improve your overall appearance.  New customers can take advantage of an offer right now to receive the Deep Cleansing Brush for free with their subscription.

What makes the Deep Cleansing Brush so important?  The brush helps to exfoliate the skin lifting and removing all the dead skin cells that hang around to clog up your pores.  It’s also effective at clearing away any dirt and oil that can be left behind from a simple face washing.  The rotating action of the brush basically prepares your skin to receive the acne fighting medication from the Proactiv Plus formula so you can receive the full benefit.

New customers can visit the Proactiv site and browse their online catalog and select from one of their kits on display.  Currently there are 3 different kits for sale which are the Proactiv+ Complete Kit, Teen Kit, and 3 Step Kit.  Each kit is priced differently and serves their own purpose depending on your personal needs.

The Complete Kit is made up of 5 individual Proactiv products that focuses on reducing dark marks and improving your overall appearance.The kit for teens includes the 3 Step System for fighting acne but additionally comes with the Emergency Blemish Relief and Cleansing Body Bar to help clear up blemishes that teens are so prone to receive.  For anyone who is interested in basically fighting acne the 3 Step System is perfect for them.  With any purchase the Deep Cleansing Brush comes as a free gift.

Purchasing any Proactiv Plus kit involves a 60 day risk free guarantee that allows customers to return the product if they are dissatisfied with their results and receive a full refund of their money.  If you like the results you receive you can continue your subscription and receive additional products every 3 months.

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