Make a Payment on Your High School Class Ring

High school students who have purchased or ordered a Jostens class ring can make payments on that ring at the Jostens online payment site.  You will need to input your School ID and Passcode to enter the site and find your account to make a payment.  Payments can be made online anytime and if you …

Optimum Outcomes Bill Collection Agency

Optimum Outcomes is a 3rd party bill collection agency that is hired by creditors to collect payments from customers who have an outstanding balance or bad debt.  If you’ve recently received a letter in the mail concerning a debt you owe this is your opportunity to contact Optimum Outcomes and speak with a representative about … – John Deere Employee Self Service

John Deere employees can utilize the online John Deere Employee Self Service web portal at to access their company employee file which provides information about their personal information, benefit plans, payroll, and more.  Not only can employees review this information but there are tools available that will allow them to make certain necessary changes. …

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