US Law Shield Gun Law Seminar

If you are considering purchasing your first gun or maybe an additional gun for your home are you sure you understand the gun laws in your state?  With the Stand Your Ground Law that got so much media attention over the past year with the Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis cases it would be worthwhile …

Get Educated on the Stand Your Ground Law

During the past year gun ownership in the US has increased dramatically due to the threat of stricter gun laws particularly as a result of Florida with the last two high profile murder cases involving the death of Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis where the Stand Your Ground law really took center stage for the … – Pay Franciscan Alliance

If you recently received a billing statement from Franciscan Alliance and would like to make an online payment on your patient account visit the Franciscan Alliance online bill pay website at to submit your payment.  The site allows customers to submit payments for patient services rendered from any of the Franciscan Alliance hospitals or …

ADP Spending Account Online Services

ADP employees who are signed up in the company’s Flexible Spending Account can access their account online at the ADP Spending Account Online Services.  This online service allows employees to have more flexibility with their accounts and enjoy more individual personal management.  Like most company benefit services they allow employees to be more independent with …

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