Participate in Diabetes Research and Receive Free Supplies

Do you have diabetes?  Would you like to receive free diabetes supplies by taking part in a research studies?  If you’ve answered yes to both questions you can take part in an active diabetes research that is looking for better treatments for diabetes sufferers.  Current medications aren’t as effective on everyone with diabetes so new treatments are being offered that could do a much better job of controlling blood sugar.

The only qualifications for getting involved in the research are participants must over 18 years of age and have Type 2 diabetes.  There is also an online questionnaire that participants who meet the first two criteria will have to take in order to be accepted in the program.  The questionnaire will ensure that you are a good fit the research particularly the treatment options.

The online questionnaire will ask some personal information and will require a few minutes to complete.  You will need to complete the entire form to be considered for the program.  After completing the questionnaire it will be determined whether or not you can proceed with the rest of the research.  The information you provide will be held privately and is not shared with anyone without your permission.  Participants also have the option of getting screened via phone by calling 1-855-420-3982.

The benefits of being accepted in the research are participants can receive up to $500 compensation.  They are also provided free study-related medical care from a local diabetes doctor.  The doctor will be able to prescribe free diabetes testing supplies and study medication.



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