Pay Americas Servicing Company Mortgage Online

Customers with a home mortgage serviced by America’s Servicing Company can access their mortgage information and make online payments at the ASC secure website.  The site allows users to view all of their account info and submit one-time monthly payments as a free service.  As an online service it is available to users 24 hours a day 7 days a week at  Customers will find the service beneficial as they no longer need to wait until their statement arrives every month to know what’s going on with their account.  Their info is readily available online.

To access your account information users will need to create a User ID and password.  By going through the registration process and creating this information users will be able to sign on to their account via their smartphone, public computers, home computers, or iPad devices.  Once logged in users will be able to view their loan details including loan activity and amortization schedule.  Users can setup to have all of their payments drafted from their bank account by including their banks routing and account numbers.  When this information is recorded making a payment is as simple as selecting the date and clicking pay.

When setting up payments there are options to schedule payments in a variety of ways.  Customers can make payments traditionally on a month by month basis or take advantage of paying weekly, biweekly, or semi-monthly.  Whatever payment schedule works best for your budget or employer pay cycle can be arranged inside your account.

Online users will also have access to year end statements which are used for tax preparation.  In the Message Center users can communicate with ASC representatives by sending secure messages if they have questions or concerns about their account.  Any changes that need to made to your account such as changing the password, updating contact info, adding loans, or more can be made in the My Profile section.

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