Pay Helzberg Diamonds Private Account Bill

Helzberg Diamonds customers with a private account can sign up to manage their account online and be able to monitor all of their transactions from their home computer or mobile devices.  The online service allows members to review their account information in real time 24 hours a day 7 days a week without having to wait until their billing statement arrives in the mail once a month to update them concerning their account.  This access is a convenience for members as they can better manage making payments, staying informed of their account balance, always be aware of their credit limit, etc.  By utilizing online services members reduce the possibility they’ll incur late fees because they are always aware of their account status.

New Helzberg Diamonds Private Account members can register for online access by visiting (  They will need to enter their Helzberg account number, date of birth, social security number, email address, and create a username/password.  After they’ve completed the registration process they can start entering their username and password to logon to their account.  

Members that make payments online via their account can setup their personal bank account for payments.  You can store your bank’s routing number and account number inside the payment section and when your scheduled payment due date arrives submit your payment.  Users need to understand that payments that are received prior to 5pm Pacific time will be posted to your account the same day.  After 5pm Pacific time your payment will reflect on the following business day.

Helzberg members can still submit monthly payments using other payment methods such as MoneyGram, check, or money order.  When submitting a check or money by mail please refer the payments to the following address:  Helzberg Diamonds Private Account, PO Box 23067, Columbus, GA  31902-3067.

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